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We?ve all been there before . . . we wake up to find that our dog has dug up the neighbor?s prize winning begonias Al Horford Jersey , turned their blue rain boots into a one of a kind chew toy or grossest of all, left a little ?surprise? right in front of their mailbox. (Double gross out factors for those discovered without shoes.)

You?ve been there right? Me too. Time and time again, I?ve found myself ?in the doghouse? with neighbors on the wrong end of doggie disaster. Sure we all mutter that our angry neighbor?s resemble the Wicked Witch of the West in the comfort of our own home, but when it comes to dealing with these little mishaps in public how do you handle them with class and manage to keep the peace?

We know how Dorothy could have avoided those dreaded words ?I?ll get you and your little dog too!? Read on to find out how you too can avoid those flying monkeys with a little simple error etiquette.

Poop Whoops!

Perhaps the most common doggie uh oh is the poop whoops. One minute Fluffy is out in your yard sweetly sniffing in the grass next to the house ? the next he?s circling the rose bush in your neighbor?s yard.
For a dog un leashed, it can be rather tempting to have the ?grass is greener? syndrome when taking a potty break. Dogs as you know are ?territory markers?. Sometimes they have trouble determining what?s theirs and what?s not . . . especially when it is right in front of their nose.

When ?poop? happens, simply be a good neighbor and clean up the mess as soon as you notice it. If the neighbor points it out instead, even if you aren?t sure that it was your dog Boston Celtics T-Shirts , simply use the ?honor system?. Honor their concerns, apologize and simply go clean it up. Sometimes it?s better to have a little egg on your face than to be in an all out chicken war.

Chewed Treasures

And to this we all say ?Good grief!? We walk outside, it?s a perfectly sunshiny day . . . and then we see that brand new Nike of the neighbor?s kid sitting beside our tire chewed into oblivion. Yes . . . at first we must admit, we blame it on the neighbor being crazy enough to leave their shoes on the front porch. I mean after all, how dare they taunt your pup that way?! But in all reality, we know that if their dog came and ran off with our brand new shoes we would be pretty ticked too.

In this situation, step into their shoes . . . think of how you would feel. In this instance Custom Boston Celtics Jersey , simply explain that you aren?t sure what happened but it seems that Fido got off his leash. Take a peek at the size in the shoe and purchase a pair of new shoes; they don?t have to be as expensive. It?s the gesture that counts.

Flower Faux Pas

Here today, gone tomorrow . . . that was the story of Mr. Wilson?s rosebush and Dennis the Menace?s horribly disobedient dog. When this happens to you, the best thing to do is know that this is not going to be un noticeable. Unlike a little wayward poop that may disappear into a tall patch of grass, any gardener is going to notice their hard work dug to bits.

Be neighborly. Head out and buy a new plant. Offer to plant it for your neighbor with your apologies. While you may be tempted to let it go, remember that if you stay on the good side of your neighbor?s temper they will be less likely to call the dreaded dog catcher if they mess up again. And a ten dollar rosebush is much less expensive than a two hundred dollar ?no leash? fine.

When it comes to doggie disasters, we know . . . it can be tempting to let bygones be bygones. But even when we aren?t feeling very neighborly and even when our grumpy neighbor seemingly deserves that steaming pile of poop on their front steps . . . we have to remember that when we became puppy parents we took on the reasonability of their actions. Don?t get caught watching Toto carried away in the bicycle basket . . . simply use a little etiquette and you may find that your own Wicked Witch of the West begins offering up those garden scraps to your furry friend.

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