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Son loved it.  Fit nice.  Lasted all season long!
   Orawan McAuley
Great product, shipped quickly. It fit perfectly on my washing machine and fixed my problem.  I would purchase it again if I needed to.
   Hüseyin A'su
Works fine. Don't like the plastic on/off switch tho
   Candela Carmelita
I got a medium because I didn't want it to be too short because of finger long dress code. It's a bit too loose on my thighs but I could always tighten the waist band. I'm 105 lbs and 5'2
   Wil de Groot
Especialy like the fact that you offer a few color choices other than the boring standard black, navy& greys.
   Liam Yarwood
Nice quality for the price.
   Mark White

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