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Production on his hit Netflix series has since shut down. Spacey has often played the villain, but his talent agency, CAA, and his publicist have cut ties with the star. Spacey stated he didn't recall the decades old alleged encounter with Rapp but he apologized in a statement and came out as gay. His response was not well received with many in the LGBT community slamming Spacey for coming out after he was accused of assault. He later said he was seeking treatment following the uproar.
Dale Green : received the item in a timely fashion and my son loves it.
Bernadette Egonio : Sheets feel silky and retain heat well.  I was surprised at the amount of lint in the lint screen of the dryer from the sheets on the first wash but it seems to be decreasing with each wash and I still love the feel and warmth.  Highly recommend.
Nicole Caputo : I am currently writing this review in Bed with my new sheets.  I LOVE them!!! They are super soft and I just washed them once so far. Great deal I can not wait to buy more in different colors.
Nestani Jolia : I love how authentic they look compared to a jersey you buy for humans. The detail of putting the NFL logo on the front at the v on the neckline and the size indicator on the bottom of the shirt give it the realistic look.

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