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they will have to respect others first.

HANOI Wilfried Bony Manchester City Jersey , June 2 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam will further tap oil, gas, coal and other minerals to help realize its economic growth of 6.7 percent set for this year Vincent Kompany Manchester City Jersey , the country's Ministry of Industry and Trade said on Friday.

The ministry has been instructed by the government to boost production of drinks, chemicals and minerals, with crude oil output being at least one million tons more than the annualized plan.

Vietnam is striving to pump out additional 1 million tons of crude oil and one million cubic meters of natural gas Tosin Adarabioyo Manchester City Jersey , raising the total to nearly 13.3 million tons of oil and 10.6 billion cubic meters of gas this year.

The country will also create more favorable conditions for firms specialized in mining and processing valuable minerals such as titanium ores and white limestone, the ministry said, adding that it will not mine more coal Sergio Aguero Manchester City Jersey , since it is hard to expand coal markets.

Vietnam exported over 2.6 million tons of crude oil totaling nearly 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in the first five months of this year, down 12 percent in volume but up 18.5 percent in value against the same period last year, said the country's General Statistics Office.

Meanwhile Samir Nasri Manchester City Jersey , Vietnam exported 844,000 tons of coal worth 123 million U.S. dollars, posting year-on-year surges of 243.4 percent and 428.5 percent.


WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- Throughout his eight years in office, former President Barack Obama's job approval ratings among Democrats and Republicans had the biggest gap so far, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

Obama averaged 83 percent job approval among Democrats and a starkly lower 13 percent among Republicans. The whopping 70 point gap is the largest in recent U.S. history.

That gap easily eclipses the prior high -- 61 points for former President George W. Bush. All other presidents had party gaps of 55 points or less, Gallup found.

Although the extreme polarization in Obama's ratings could reflect his policies and approach to governing, it also reflects the era in which he governed.

The last three presidents -- Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton -- and four of the last five (including Ronald Reagan) averaged greater than 50-point party gaps in their job approval ratings, Gallup found.

George H.W. Bush was the recent exception. He averaged 67 percent overall approvals during his first three years as president, when the U.S. economy was strong, the Cold War was ending and he led a successful war effort against Iraq.

In those years, the party gaps in his approval rating were between 32 and 34 points, typical of presidents prior to Reagan. His last year in office, when the economy struggled to emerge from a recession, the party gap was 54 points, similar to the polarization level for the most recent presidents, Gallup found.

In recent decades, it has become clear that Americans' evaluations of presidents are more strongly tied to their personal political loyalties than in the past.

This may reflect that recent presidents' actions have become more controversial or just more politically charged, such as their decisions on the use of military force, their economic policies, their attempts to reform healthcare and other entitlement programs, and their choices of Supreme Court justices, Gallup said.

To some degree, the closer link between partisanship and presidential evaluations could also result from the expanding and more varied news sources available to Americans today.

In the past, Americans' exposure to a president's work was limited to a few minutes on one of the major network news broadcasts or to what they read in a local newspaper, Gallup noted.

More recently, Americans' options for news have expanded beyond those traditional sources to include national cable news and Internet news and opinion sites.

" Although your opinion may be different from mine on this but still pay attention. In kids soccer drills Raheem Sterling Manchester City Jersey , there is a great difference in the tricks adopted for kids and young players in college. This is because the former are in the first stage of the learning curve while the latter have a good idea as to what is it that they prefer to do and what not.

Still, in soccer drills for kids, there are a variety of means for coaching transforming budding players into champions. Always keep in mind the fact that kids must enjoy playing soccer if their interest is to be retained in the game. The moment this interest is lost Phil Foden Manchester City Jersey , it becomes a burden for them. Kids try to find ways to disintegrate with the sport. So have patience and don?t make them feel obligated to play.

A majority of kids play soccer because they find it enjoyable while some others join the sport for their parents. In either case, kids don?t consider any amount of rewards or trophies for playing the game. Many soccer coaches tend to completely ignore this aspect in kids soccer drills. They get on to the kids nerves to attain the performance targets like their physical capacity and skills. This has a negative affect on kids in form of over-exhaustion and loss of confidence.

It's natural for any new coach designing soccer drills for youth to feel a little perturbed initially. The reason could the indiscipline of the players in the game. But, don?t fret. It may take a little while but they would certainly understand the importance of punctuality and teamwork. They will also know that to get the respect of their coach Patrick Roberts Manchester City Jersey , they will have to respect others first.

Here, it's important for you to make sure that kids in youth soccer drills are exposed to the new rules gradually. This is so as they may not be acquainted with them and learn them at their own pace. Also, before you start something new Pablo Maffeo Manchester City Jersey , take the opinion of the kids well in advance. This gives the kids a lot of sense to accept the changes and follow them correctly.

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